Gemco International normally acts in tandem with its global network of local agents to oversee the incorporation of a maintenance workshop and/or warehouse as part of the building of a new plant. Supplying all the equipment for the workshop of a new plant is a very complex logistical process that may involve hundreds of suppliers and thousands of items. Gemco International ensures the delivery and installation of the items purchased specifically for that project. Depending on the type of equipment and the type of project, the items are shipped directly from the manufacturers or are first consolidated in our own warehouse in the Netherlands.

Equipment is packed according the customer’s specific wishes and local regulations. Strict quality control procedures ensure that the equipment is suited to local conditions. The supervisors and field engineers on the spot make sure that the items are installed correctly so that the workshop is ready to begin operating.

Equally important is the technical documentation that will be produced, handled and supplied as part of the overall project responsibility. Correct documentation is necessary for a successful project execution.